Ready for ICE?

Who cares for my kids if ICE detains me?

It is an unfortunate reality of our immigration system that not everyone has a remedy available. If after consultation you learn that is your situation, and you have American children, there are documents you can prepare to authorize someone to care for them in case you are detained by ICE or removed from the US.

Who can I authorize?

You may authorize a trusted family member, or friend, who is at least 18 years old. The oldest child in the family may be authorized to care for younger siblings in some cases.  

When will it take effect?

The documents can be written to take effect at a future time, such as when you are detained. 

What do I need to get started?

First, it is important to choose the person you want to care for your kids. Next, gather your children’s birth certificates, social security cards, health insurance information, health records. Finally, get the contact information for their schools, doctors, after-school or other programs, sports teams, etc.

When do I need to sign the documents?

It is important to have the plan in place before you are detained. Prepare your family today.

Who can use this service?

The Law Office of Shaina SIlvers currently offers this service to DC residents. Contact us to schedule a consultation.